Human Subjects Protocol

Guidelines for Research and Project Proposals Submitted to the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects

These protocol guidelines are based on requirements for research involving human subjects established by the federal government (see 21 CFR 56.101 et seq. and 45 CFR 46.103 et seq.). At Mills, all faculty members conducting research with human participants are expected to comply with the protocol guidelines in their own research and oversight of student research for two reasons: 1) to carry out their professional and ethical responsibilities as teachers and 2) to comply with federal standards for best research practices. Mills faculty members and students understand and accept their duty to protect individuals, respect their right to make informed decisions, avoid institutional forfeiture of research funds, ensure academic reputation, and provide instruction on sound research methods through full and active compliance with these guidelines.


The Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects is required to review all proposals for research by Mills faculty and students that involve human participants and proposals by individuals from other institutions who wish to recruit human participants from the Mills community. Researchers must prepare a written statement following the guidelines stated below. Mills faculty and students should submit the original of their protocols directly to the Chair of the Human Subject’s Committee. Individuals from outside of Mills must first submit their protocol to the Provost for consideration. Upon the Provost’s approval, these proposals will be forwarded to the committee for review.

Participant recruitment announcements posted on websites or on campus bulletin boards must clearly state "human subjects approved."

Information below (1) summarizes the forms of review and (2) addresses frequently asked questions. It then provides (3) instructions for the protocol format, (4) a checklist to help you ensure that your proposal is complete, (5) the title page form required to accompany all submissions, and (6) a copy of the review form that you (and your advisor, if you are an undergraduate or graduate student) will receive if there are questions or problems that need to be addressed.

Information can be found at these links:

Overview of the process;
(1) Summary of the forms of review;
(2) Frequently asked questions;
(3) Instructions for the protocol format;
(4) A checklist to help ensure that your proposal is complete;
(5) The title page form (PDF) required to accompany all submissions;
(6) A revision checklist (PDF) if you receive a notice that here are questions or problems that need to be addressed; and
The Mills College Human Subjects Protocol Consent Form (PDF)
The complete Human Subject Protocol (PDF)


Submit by email to the respective committee co-chair: