Forms of Review

Proposals will undergo one of the following two forms of review:

A. Short Review: Proposals for research that use questionnaires, does not involve deception of research subjects, and recruits subjects from populations that are generally not thought to be at physical, developmental, or psychological risk (see below) will be subject to a short review. A single member of the committee, the committee chair or another member designated by the chair, reviews these proposals. Note that approval is not automatic and that the proposal may be submitted to full review at the chair's recommendation. Researchers can usually expect a response based on a short review in approximately one week.

B. Full Review: Research designed to use open-ended interviews, involve deception, or recruit participants who are minors (i.e., under 18 years of age) or are defined as "at risk" will undergo full review by each member of the committee. (Note that some open-ended interviews may be considered for short review, particularly if the participants are not in the “at risk” category.) At risk populations include, but are not limited to, subjects who are identified on the basis of the following criteria or experiences in childhood or adulthood:

  1. Psychological or physical trauma, including physical abuse or assault, sexual abuse, molestation, rape, physical injury, or loss through death.
  2. Survivors of war, life-threatening illness, or other events that are thought to result in post traumatic stress symptoms.
  3. Children and adults who are developmentally disabled or the mentally ill, including populations that are known to have a large representation of mental illness (for example, the homeless).
  4. Individuals who are or have been incarcerated or otherwise identified as involved in illegal activities.