Student Learning Opportunities


Every semester several students take advantage of the opportunity to work with plants and learn more about the plant world as volunteers with the Botanic Garden. Students benefit from this relaxed yet practical learning experience. Volunteer schedules are tailored around a student's academic schedule. Student volunteers can work individually or with other volunteers. Guidance is provided by the Botanic Garden Coordinator. Preferably each volunteer session is for two hours, although this is flexible. For more information, please email

Student Projects & Independent Studies

Students can complete exciting projects with the Botanic Garden for academic credit in various courses each semester. Examples include an environmental science student project where students constructed and evaluated the carbon-footprint of native willow and dogwood structures. Students in the School of Education have used the garden as a site to present and evaluate lesson plans involving nature-based learning. Biology students perform practical studies in plant diversity, ethnobotany, or mapping and database management. There are many project options available, including projects developed to meet specific learning goals or for academic credit through an Independent Study. To learn more, please email

Student Clubs

Student clubs can also find opportunities with the Botanic Garden for projects and events. For example, Earth CORPS, a student group committed to environmental stewardship, has collaborated many times with the Botanic Garden on club activities. To learn more, please email