Special Collections

Mills College Special Collections and Archives is comprised of about 20,000 volumes, 10,000 manuscripts, archives, and photographs housed in the Elinor Raas Heller Rare Book Room. The collection includes printed books from the 15th century to the present, as well as the Mills College Collection. It is also the home to the Mills College Center for the Book, a forum for cultural, literary, and aesthetic heritage of the book.  


Archives & Manuscripts

Bender (Albert M.) Papers
Baker (Charlotte) Papers
Cameron (James and Emma S.) Papers
Catalano (Joe) Papers
Clark (Emma) Papers
Coolidge (Dane) Papers
Fenley (Molissa) Papers
The General Manuscript Collection
Global Fund for Women Collection
Gordon (Beate Sirota) Papers
Harrison (Lou) Manuscripts
Hitchcock Coit Collection
James (Elias Olan) Papers
Keep (Josiah) Papers
Keep (Rosalind) Papers
Latimer (Rebecca) Papers
Lee (Barbara) Congressional Papers
Lyon (I.W.) Family Papers 
Milhaud (Darius) Collection
Mills College Archive
Mills College Historical Photographs
Mills (Susan and Cyrus) Papers—Mills College President
Nevada (Emma) Collection
Oliveros (Pauline) Papers
Prall (David W. and Margaret C.) Papers
Reese (Mary Lou Hutton) Scrapbooks
Reinhardt (Aurelia Henry) PapersMills College President
Ringo (James) Papers
Rothwell (C. Easton) PapersMills College President
Shere (Charles) Papers
Smith (Patti) Collection
Spearman (Glenn) Papers
Van Tuyl (Marian) Papers
Wert (Robert) PapersMills College President
White (Barbara McClure) PapersMills College President  
White, (Lynn Townsend Jr.) PapersMills College President