Preparing for Your Appointment

Following are several tips to help you plan for your appointment so that you can make the most of your session with a writing tutor:

  • If you’re unclear about an assignment or a professor’s comments on your work, meet with the professor in advance to clarify expectations or questions.   
  • Review your assignment and any writing you’ve begun; jot down ideas, questions, and areas of concern so that you have them organized and ready.  
  • If you haven’t begun drafting your paper yet, try to engage in some “prewriting”—such as brainstorming ideas, free writing, or sketching a rough outline. It's helpful to get your ideas flowing before your appointment. But if this is the process you need help with, you can work on it during the appointment.
  • Have a goal of one or two key things on which you’d like to focus; there will not be time to review an entire paper during one session.
  • If you're working on a group or collaborative assignment, the writing tutor is only able to help with the part you wrote. Your whole group may come in for a group session, though please indicate this when scheduling the appointment.

Plan ahead to allow plenty of time between your appointment and the deadline for preparing or revising your paper; you may need to schedule more than one session on different days to address all of your writing concerns.

Sessions take the form of a dialogue, so plan to be actively engaged in discussing and exchanging ideas about how to strengthen aspects of your writing.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  • Your agenda for the session—one to two key areas on which you'd like to focus
  • The assignment sheet/writing prompt, so the writing tutor has a better understanding of the project your professor has assigned
  • Any pertinent reading assignments, books, or other sources
  • Any work-in-progress notes, free writing, outline, or rough draft 
  • If you've begun writing, two printed copies of your essay—one for you and one for the writing tutor
  • Comments or feedback provided by your instructor on an essay (if available)
  • Paper for taking notes and a pencil or pen
  • Only one project, to ensure a productive conference