On the grassy Holmegren Meadow, surrounded by trees and flowers, stands Arnaldo Pomodoro's modernist sculpture, "Disco".

About Mills

Breaking Barriers Since 1852

Historically a college for women only, Mills has been setting the standard for academic excellence and inclusion since 1852. Mills joined Boston-based Northeastern University in 2022 to create a bicoastal university for undergraduate and graduate learning that leverages Mills’ strengths in equity, social justice, and women’s leadership and Northeastern’s mission in diverse and inclusive global experiential learning and research.

In addition to a full range of undergraduate and graduate degrees that will be offered by Mills College at Northeastern to all genders, we have created the Mills Institute to support curricular innovation, create a foundation for student success, and facilitate transformative learning, advocacy, and research.

Mills College at Northeastern and the Mills Institute are located in Oakland, California, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the US.

For more information, visit our new website at mills.northeastern.edu.