Latinx Task Force

The Latinx Task Force is charged with addressing the implications of Mills College’s designation as an Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI). The task force is comprised of faculty, staff, and students committed to meeting the needs of Mills Latinx students. It makes recommendations regarding admissions and student services, while paying attention to cultural, linguistic, and social contexts relevant to HSIs. The task force will also make recommendations about curricula and pedagogy, as well as advising and student-faculty relations from a Latinx perspective.

The task force strives to create programs that support students and families, who often face the uncertainty of their immigrant status and related financial and legal challenges. The Latinx Task Force will collaborate with the Office of the Provost, the Office of Institutional Advancement, and established committees to secure necessary resources to design and implement projects that support the work of all sectors of the College. The ultimate goal is to ensure that Mills College becomes a leading educational institution for Latinx students.